Learn All of The Tools You Need  To Live Your Limitless Life


Whether you're looking for individual or group coaching (family and/or caretakers), we have a program for you. You're healing starts in your mind. Learn the secrets that led us to our limitless lives!

As a result of coaching with beGREATER, you will learn the skills to take control of your fear, grief, desperation and despair from your current reality. 

Do you know that your life was designed for so much more? 

If so, let’s turn the lights on to your personal power within, recalibrate your mind and reach your breakthroughs!




Pinky Moves-

Single Session


$297 Individual/ Couples


No More Bad Days - Package of 5 Sessions

$1297 Individual/ Couples

(You save $188)


Be Greater-Package of 10 Sessions

$2497 Individual/ Couples

(You save $473)

Yes, I'm ready!


"Brisa has glorified and articulated what it means to "beGREATER". What she gives back in confidence gets translated into positivity. Everyone has the potential to live a fulfilling life as a survivor, the true and only difference lies in the way we look at things."

~Pierre (Stroke Survivor)

New York 

How Does Your Partner Support You? 


Support and love from your partner after a traumatic event is essential for recovery. As a result, we offer individual and couples coaching.

Learn to communicate with your partner. Gain the skills to give and to receive the support that you need. Discover each other's triggers and feel safe and secure to move forward. 

We aim to help couples to create a dynamic, respectful, and conscious relationship that will align your journey together.

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