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The problem today is that 1:15 people are on anti-depressants because of the suppressed thoughts and emotions from a traumatic event of their past, finding every which way to mask internal struggles and pain. 

We need to learn how to Break the Cycle of falling victim to the stigma of showing weakness by talking about our emotions. Over time, suppression will cause a disconnect from our awareness and we’ll actually separate ourselves from our emotions for protection from feeling any pain. 

Exposing the events of your past that are causing the friction in your life today is essential for your well being, for the health of your relationships,  job performance, and even living the life that you deserve. 

Here, you’re going to gain the skills to change your life and create your new future of meaningful relationships and endless possibilities. It’s time to live by design and to live your greatest life.


Let's Learn to master today, then do that every day!


"As Seen On"


"Moments and Victories"


"One moment I’m in tears and needing some help with what is happening in my life.  The next thing I hear is you explaining alignment and how I can get there.  This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.  Thank you so much Jason!"

~Nancy H. - Illinois

"I’ve been to so many different therapists for help. Jason was the first person who actually made sense. I didn’t expect this, wow!  I need to think positive instead of always being so focused on the hurt and getting hurt. EIP!"

~Vicki E. - Ohio

"I was so surprised when I heard you say exactly what’s been on my mind. I tried your techniques today, surprisingly I accomplished so MANY productive things and actual meaningful tasks I had to get done. I even cooked today - something I haven’t done in months! I just need that extra push from someone who would understand me, THANK YOU JASON!"

~Reyna R. - Texas


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My Mission is to Instill Inspired Action Toward Your Personal Growth 


My name is Jason Goss and I am your Transformational Coach.

At 15 years old, I attempted to end my life because of my feelings of hopelessness and abandonment from both of my drug addicted parents. Have you found yourself burying painful memories and emotions from your past? How are they affecting your life today? 

 It is now my passion and purpose to serve by guiding you how to create a resilient and relentless mindset to live your greatest life. 

 Your time is now! It's time for you to have the relationships, job, and life that you deserve. Everything changes when your mindset changes, learn to become the best version of yourself today!

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