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Jason on Chai Together with Pratibha Dey



 Brisa's journey from a hospital bed to her limitless life!




Jason featured on Testimonial Tuesdays with Jeffrey Berger

Join us as we discuss the subconscious mind and how it affects our lives. How do we change the way that we've been programmed to think? 

Learning to make our course correction begins by making our dominant thoughts about what we want in our lives. 

Peace, love, and happiness!


A message from John Paul DeJoria


Create the Life You Love With The Amazing Sunny Dawn Johnston's Podcast "Off the Cuff"

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Live With Kevin Lee

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Discover The Tools You Need Truly Live After Stroke with Greg & Brisa!

Join Brisa as she talks about how death tough her how to live and the benefits in celebrating our "Pinky Moves".

~ Dream it              ~ Believe it 

~ Receive it