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"Doctors said that Brisa would never walk or talk again but in what can only be described as a medical miracle, Brisa defied all those odds… "

Dr. Travis Stork MD
The Doctors TV Show

  I am Brisa Alfaro. #1 International Best selling Author, Mentor, Breakthrough Specialist, and Coach.


Are you a TBI survivor who feels locked into your current and unfair reality? Do you feel as if this stroke came at the worst possible time in your life because you still have so much left to do? Simply put, you really don’t have the time for all of this right now! 

I know how you feel, I also remember these unsettling feelings during my recovery from my stroke. Not long ago, I also found myself desperate to find my “Normal”. I struggled to find the strength to endure what tomorrow would bring. I survived a rare Pons stroke that developed into locked in syndrome. 

Here’s what I discovered… It doesn’t have to be this way. There is a combination to unlocking your Limitless possibilities during your recovery. I found the combination that propelled me to where I am now, and I want to share it with you.

My Name is Brisa Alfaro, I coach survivors and their families how to transform “Recovery” into limitless possibilities. If you’re done sacrificing your goals and are ready to live your greatest life without limitations …we need to talk! 

You Deserve More!

 My name is Jason Goss. #1 International Best Selling Author, Mentor, Breakthrough Specialist, and Coach.

Are you constantly battling with your mind and feel like you can't escape the dark place that you've been stuck inside of for so long? Do you find that your relationships are suffering or nonexistent? Is it difficult to find any joy within your life? Feelings of hopelessness, abandonment, guilt, depression, and anxiety are far too common in our world today. 

I know how you feel. I suffered from depression that affected my life for over 30 years. At 15 years old and without hope, I unsuccessfully attempted to end my life. Years later without learning the tools to heal from my past, I struggled within my dark place and drug down my loved ones with me. 

You see, it doesn't have to be this way. The power to change our lives begins in our own minds and we can actually learn to re-shape the world we live in.

Are you ready to take RADICAL ACTION to become the best version of yourself?

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"Brisa is proof that nothing is impossible. She gives me motivation, encouragement and hope backed up by her personal experience. Brisa motivates people like me (fellow stroke survivor) with her contagious positivity. There's nothing better than seeing someone who was also laying in that ICU bed, achieve the impossible. "

Klaudia (LIS/Stroke Survivor)

"One moment I’m in tears and needing some help with what is happening in my life. The next thing I hear is you explaining alignment and how I can get there. This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you so much Jason!"

Nancy H.

"After my stroke I was so lost! Brisa helped me so much with her positivity and knowledge. She truly understands."

Misty (Stroke Survivor)

"I’ve been to so many different therapists for help. Jason was the first person who actually made sense. I didn’t expect this, wow! I need to think positive instead of always being so focused on the hurt and getting hurt. EIP!"

Vicky E.

"Brisa has been a guest speaker for my high school medical students during our stroke unit and she completely steals the hearts of my students every time! Brisa is the perfect example of the glass being half full and shows everyone that you can accomplish all that you set your mind to. She is a true inspiration to all people!"

Mrs. Ashlee (Teacher)

"I was so surprised when I heard you say exactly what’s been on my mind. I tried your techniques today, surprisingly I accomplished so MANY productive things and actual meaningful tasks I had to get done. I even cooked today - something I haven’t done in months! I just need that extra push from someone who would understand me, THANK YOU JASON!"

Reyna R.

"Over the years I have been working with Brisa. She has been a great motivation in my life. She has helped me many times with great advice, what a great woman and incredible mentor. I beat my stroke because I am a warrior and not a quitter! Thank you Brisa!"

Frank (Stroke Survivor)

"Brisa, I look forward to a robust engagement and interaction with you as you continue to be an inspiration to our world."

Olawale (Physiotherapist)


The essence of this beautifully written short read is perfectly summed up in the foreword, written by New York Times Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker, Lisa Nichols...

 "Limitless is heartwarming story is of hope, faith, love, patience, and resiliency. This book is filled with the tools and the answers that you or someone you love has been searching for.

Unlock the struggle of searching for inner strength and courage that you need for physical and emotional healing.

Join Brisa and discover how she turned tragedy into triumph with just the flicker of a pinky."


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 My Raw and Real Life Story.  

Living inside of negative thoughts in my life defined who I had become and what version of myself that was showing up in the world. 

From a hopeless child who attempted suicide to growing up into an adult full of hidden anger, I created my own dark reality and life full of guilt. For 30 years, I lived my life inside of my self inflicted negative frequency. I made all of the wrong decisions and destroyed any hope that had left to keep my family and relationships together.  Without knowing how to heal from my past, I brought myself and the ones that I love down with me.

Change is hard, and change can sometimes seem impossible. Learn from my mistakes and implement the change that you need today. Learning to make our course correction begins by making our dominant thoughts about what we want in our lives. 

Join me as I take you through the journey of how I became the best version of myself and into becoming the coach and mentor that I am today.

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Our Mission Is To Inspire Personal Growth To Positively Rise Through A Traumatic Event

Together, we aim to create hope and resiliency. In order to have HOPE, we need to find FAITH in ourselves. Combining our faith with relentless action, we can create the RESILIENCE that we've been looking for!

Whether you're battling through events from your past, present, or from a traumatic event, we offer the tools and skills to overcome and unleash your limitless potential. Learn to turn your negative chatter into a positive frequency and have healthier relationships, live a healthier lifestyle, recalibrate your mind and begin the journey to becoming the best version of yourself. 

Learn to re-discover, your most powerful asset. 


Train it well. 



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