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Brisa Alfaro

Pinky Moves 

A Pinky Move is a micro-move in the direction of your goals, ultimately leading to MASSIVE success.

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Do you wish that there was something more you can do?

If you are tired of having that gut feeling of "I just think there is something more". In fact THERE IS! Do you often think that "THIS CANNOT BE AS GOOD AS IT GETS FOR ME OR MY LOVED ONE! ...YOU ARE RIGHT, IT'S NOT! Do you know that there is GREATNESS inside of you but you just need to learn how to unleash it?! I know my friend, I've been there too. This is why it is my passion and purpose to serve you so you too can discover WHAT IS POSSIBLE. No matter what package you or your Family chooses, know that you will walk away with great tools and strategic Pinky Moves® that will guide you to take that first steps to climb this seemingly impossible mountain. My friend, I'm proud of you for wanting more ....and going out and getting more!

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Work With Me

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Educational Services In Medical Industry; Nursing Students, NCLUX guest speaker, Hospitals, Neuro Care, Private Practices, Trauma Recovery, Rehabilitation, Team Empowerment, Personal Development, Private Coaching, Mentoring, Speaking, Live Appearances, Interviews, Webinars, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Retreats, Motivational/ Inspirational Speaking, Testimony inspiration

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As seen on/in The Washington Post, The Doctors TV Show, Woman’s World Magazine, TEDx platform , podcasts and live Stages around the globe.

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"She Won't Make it"

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My Recovery

Coaching Xavier

Being a part of X's recovery and witnessing him improve on his skills has been so inspiring to me, his will to win is so contagious. I remember when X and his family came looking for an ounce of hope when looking to work with me. But they quickly discovered through our sessions that GREATNESS has been inside of X this whole time, he just needed permission to break free! X is making MAJOR Pinky Moves, stay tuned for our update soon!


Coaching Testimonials

As a result from coaching with Brisa, not only did my physical recovery expand, I also experienced exponential growth emotionally when I was able to learn to heal myself mentally from my traumatic past.

Pauline (Stroke Survivor)

Brisa is proof that nothing is impossible. She gives me motivation, encouragement and hope backed up by her personal experience. Brisa motivates people like me (fellow stroke survivor) with her contagious positivity.

Klaudia (LIS/Stroke Survivor)

I’ve been to so many different therapists for help. Jason was the first person who actually made sense. I didn’t expect this, wow! I need to think positive instead of always being so focused on the hurt and getting hurt. EIP!

Vicky E.

Limitless the Book!

The essence of this short read is perfectly summed up in the foreword, written by New York Times Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker Lisa Nichols. "Limitless is a heartwarming story of hope, faith, love, patience, and resiliency. This book is filled with the tools and the answers that you or someone you love has been searching for."


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