Our Mission is to Inspire Personal Growth to Positively Rise After Your Traumatic Event and Lead You to Your Transformation


Recovery happens in stages. 

Learning to build a healthy mindset can help you heal faster and with more joy.

Whether you're mentally or physically battling through traumatic events from your past, we offer the tools and skills leading you to overcome and unleash your limitless potential. Coach Brisa and Coach Jason teach clients to take control of their minds, shape more productive thoughts, and clear negative emotions. This work allows you to heal, to feel strong in who you are despite major life changes, and to develop healthier and more meaningful relationships. Through our supportive and intuitive coaching, you will start on a journey to becoming the best version of yourself - as you are. 

At beGREATER, we aim to create hope to spark your relentless resiliency. In order for you to have HOPE, we need to find the FAITH in yourself. Combining your faith with consistent action, we can create the FREEDOM that you've been looking for!

Learn to re-discover, your most powerful asset.



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What is Available and Who Can Benefit From Our Services? 

Our services are geared to supporting individuals who are recovering from a traumatic life event, including healing from a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our coaching, courses, and speaking provide the guidance individuals and audiences need to stay positive, proactive, and persistent in their healing. Our work includes:


~ Transformative one-on-one and group coaching programs for individuals

~ Online courses that are self-directed or supported with coaching

~ Keynote Speaking around the world at conferences, association meetings, support organizations, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, media appearances, and more!

 ~ Consulting with rehabilitation centers across the U.S. that specialize in stroke and TBI recovery to create support groups and mindset coaching programs. 


Our mental fitness coaching is designed to serve individuals who feel overwhelmed, yet are willing to take steps to improve their lives. You see, no matter what hesitation or disruption is affecting the energy within our lives, the path to beGreater begins in the mind. 

Whether you're looking for the best mindset to allow your body to physically heal or recognize that a negative mindset has been running your life into the ground life and you are ready to take steps to a better existence, our coaching is for you. 

Our time here is short and your time is now. It's time to live your life by design and not by default! 

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What is a Pinky Move?

We talk about it every day and use Pinky Moves within our coaching programs. So what exactly is it?

Meet Xavier Ortiz

 Xavier or “X”, suffered a devastating stroke in April of 2021.  This not only turned this 20 year-old athlete's world upside down, it has also completely changed his family's life as well. However, they all have beautifully come together during this difficult time.

Being a part of X's recovery and witnessing him improve on his skills has been inspiring to say the least. X and his family have been coaching with us for a while now, and Jason and I both know there will be a day that he will not need our guidance anymore ….THAT day will be bitter sweet. 

But for now, let us brag on him bit! His ability to prove the "naysayers" wrong has been captivating. He continues to crush goal after goal! We believe X’s desire to win, his drive and never give up attitude stems from his love of sports.

His favorite basketball player Devin Booker (Shooting Guard from the Phoenix Suns) also helps X with that winners mindset. 

Devin had previously quoted “I don’t put a limit on anything…anything is possible!” We know that X has adopted this LIMITLESS mindset. 

THE COMEBACK IS ALWAYS GREATER THAN THE SETBACK, and X’s pinky moves have proved that he is definitely the new Come Back Kid!

👇👇👇 #XtheComeBackKid 👇👇👇


"Doctors said that Brisa would never walk or talk again but in what can only be described as a medical miracle, Brisa defied all those odds… "

Dr. Travis Stork
The Doctors TV Show

"As a result from coaching with Jason and Brisa, not only did my physical recovery expand, I also experienced exponential growth emotionally when I was able to learn to heal myself mentally from my traumatic past. "

Pauline (Stroke Survivor)

"One moment I’m in tears and needing some help with what is happening in my life. The next thing I hear is you explaining alignment and how I can get there. This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you so much Jason!"

Nancy H.

"Brisa is proof that nothing is impossible. She gives me motivation, encouragement and hope backed up by her personal experience. Brisa motivates people like me (fellow stroke survivor) with her contagious positivity. There's nothing better than seeing someone who was also laying in that ICU bed, achieve the impossible. "

Klaudia (LIS/Stroke Survivor)

"After my stroke I was so lost! Brisa helped me so much with her positivity and knowledge. She truly understands."

Misty (Stroke Survivor)

"I’ve been to so many different therapists for help. Jason was the first person who actually made sense. I didn’t expect this, wow! I need to think positive instead of always being so focused on the hurt and getting hurt. EIP!"

Vicky E.

"Brisa has been a guest speaker for my high school medical students during our stroke unit and she completely steals the hearts of my students every time! Brisa is the perfect example of the glass being half full and shows everyone that you can accomplish all that you set your mind to. She is a true inspiration to all people!"

Mrs. Ashlee (Teacher)

"I was so surprised when I heard you say exactly what’s been on my mind. I tried your techniques today, surprisingly I accomplished so MANY productive things and actual meaningful tasks I had to get done. I even cooked today - something I haven’t done in months! I just need that extra push from someone who would understand me, THANK YOU JASON!"

Reyna R.

"Over the years I have been working with Brisa. She has been a great motivation in my life. She has helped me many times with great advice, what a great woman and incredible mentor. I beat my stroke because I am a warrior and not a quitter! Thank you Brisa!"

Frank (Stroke Survivor)

"Brisa, I look forward to a robust engagement and interaction with you as you continue to be an inspiration to our world."

Olawale (Physiotherapist)

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