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Mastering Stroke Recovery

There is a combination of unlocking your freedom and limitless possibilities for your recovery. Learning to master your mindset, then moving into imagery and visualization combined with your everyday life and physical therapy, will take your recovery to the next level. Take your life back today, and let’s start discovering yourself again!


Mental Recovery in 2014

I discovered my passion for Mental Recovery in 2014 when I survived a rare stroke and developed Locked-In Syndrome, which left me facing a less than 1% chance to recover. Before my stroke, my passion and love were for the beauty industry. My stroke left me completely hopeless and alone in my New York City hospital bed. It wasn't until I discovered the power of my own mind that I, little by little, started unlocking my body. I discovered the power of a few tools, and today, these same small tools in my business have given me the ability to create BIG results in my life.


Back From Ground Zero

I believe that supporting you in finding the right tools to recover from this traumatic event is why I am here today. I know how you are feeling, and YES, there is always hope. I battled back from ground zero to be able to confirm this with you today. Don't give up. We CAN get our lives back on track even when it seems like a hopeless situation. I'm not giving up on you, and now it's time that you don't either! ~PinkyMoves


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