Small Moves to Your Greatest Life After a Paralyzing Stroke


The essence of this beautifully written short read is perfectly summed up in the foreword, written by New York Times Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker, Lisa Nichols...

 "Limitless is heartwarming story is of hope, faith, love, patience, and resiliency. This book is filled with the tools and the answers that you or someone you love has been searching for.

Unlock the struggle of searching for inner strength and courage that you need for physical and emotional healing.

Join Brisa and discover how she turned tragedy into triumph with just the flicker of a pinky."

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 My Raw and Real Life Story.  

Living inside of negative thoughts in my life defined who I had become and what version of myself that was showing up in the world. 

From a hopeless child who attempted suicide to growing up into an adult full of hidden anger, I created my own dark reality and life full of guilt. For 30 years, I lived my life inside of my self inflicted negative frequency. I made all of the wrong decisions and destroyed any hope that had left to keep my family and relationships together.  Without knowing how to heal from my past, I brought myself and the ones that I love down with me.

Change is hard, and change can sometimes seem impossible. Learn from my mistakes and implement the change that you need today. Learning to make our course correction begins by making our dominant thoughts about what we want in our lives. 

Join me as I take you through the journey of how I became the best version of myself and into becoming the coach and mentor that I am today.

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