Hold that thought Stroke, I’ve got stuff to do!


A truly inspirational and sought-after speaker, Brisa Alfaro, a Stroke Victor, Co-founder of beGREATERofficial, #1 International Best Selling Author, Stroke Recovery Mentor, Globally Speaks about her own extraordinary stroke experience.

Brisa speaks to inspire not only fellow Stroke Survivor‘s but anyone that may feel victim to their circumstances.

Her story instills hope and resiliency while leaving you with the tools to conquer your own challenges with a step by step approach to resolve even your most seemingly “Impossible” situation.

Brisa made her full physical recovery by utilizing what she calls “Pinky Moves”; her first movement after her devastating stroke. She has now made it her mission to help you realize that your goals are also only one Pinky Move away.

A pinky move is a micro-move in the direction of your goals, ultimately leading to massive success.

Whether appearing on National Television or before an audience of business professionals, Brisa does it with honesty, humility, and grace. She shares her message with stroke survivors, caregivers, physical & occupational therapists, and presents her personal journey of limitless recovery to medical professionals and personnel at conferences.

Her message will unlock Hope and Resiliency and leave your audience eager and ready to overcome any challenge.

Your audience will laugh and cry, but all will leave the room with a new found drive, determination and tools that says “YES, I can and YES, I will”! Even in the face of their greatest fear.

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"Brisa has been a guest speaker for my high school medical students during our stroke unit. She is the perfect example of the glass being half full and shows everyone that you can accomplish all that you set your mind to."

~Mrs. Ashlee/ Teacher, CA

"Brisa is proof that nothing is impossible. She gives me motivation, encouragement and hope. There's nothing better than seeing someone who was also laying in that ICU bed, achieve the impossible."

~Klaudia/ Stroke-LIS Survivor, Ireland

"Doctors said that Brisa would never walk or talk again but in what can only be described as a medical miracle, Brisa defied all those odds…"

~Dr. Travis Stork/ The Doctors TV Show  


My Mission Is To Inspire And Guide Your Audience To Rise Through Any Set Back Or Challenge


My name is Brisa Alfaro and I am eager and ready to transform your audience. 

In 2014, I suffered a rare and severe Pons Stroke that developed into Locked-in Syndrome. Surviving and thriving after receiving a less than a 1% odd of recovery, is why I have made it my mission and purpose to share how I overcame this setback so that you can overcome yours too. 

You deserve and are capable of your very own transformation. As a  Speaker at your next event. My journey will inspire you and your audience to access limitless possibilities by making a simple Pinky Move. Life can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be miserable, start celebrating your “Pinky Moves” and watch as your life starts shifting in the direction of your dreams.

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Small Moves to Your Greatest Life After a Paralyzing Stroke


The essence of this beautifully written short read is perfectly summed up in the foreword, written by New York Times Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker, Lisa Nichols...

 "Limitless is heartwarming story is of hope, faith, love, patience, and resiliency. This book is filled with the tools and the answers that you or someone you love has been searching for.

Unlock the struggle of searching for inner strength and courage that you need for physical and emotional healing.

Join Brisa and discover how she turned tragedy into triumph with just the flicker of a pinky."

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Learn what steps Brisa took during her miraculous recovery from a less than 1% chance.


  There is a combination to unlocking your freedom and limitless possibilities for your recovery and I want to share it with you. We are going to dive deep and work on your mindset. Your mindset has to be in the right place on a daily basis in order to give your body the best platform to heal.
Learning to master your  mind and moving into imagery and visualization in combination with your everyday life and physical therapy is going to take your recovery to the next level. If you’re ready to take a new approach toward your recovery then we need to talk.
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