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 Many times we may need the unconditional support from someone who knows exactly how we may be feeling. This connection is essential to be able to open up and share your truth, to feel as if you are in a safe place. This is what makes our platform unique.   We've battled to get our lives back on track when it seemed that there was no way out. We're still "walking the walk", still in practice and growing every day. 


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Improve your relationships?

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beGREATER Package - 6 Months of one-on-one Coaching/Weekly 60-minute Sessions

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$2375 Paid in Full (Save over $200)

$2580 (6 Monthly payments of $430)

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No More Bad Days Package- 3 months of one-on-one Coaching/ Weekly 60-minute Sessions

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Learn what steps Brisa took during her miraculous recovery from a less than 1% chance.


  There is a combination to unlocking your freedom and limitless possibilities for your recovery and I want to share it with you. We are going to dive deep and work on your mindset. Your mindset has to be in the right place on a daily basis in order to give your body the best platform to heal.

Learning to master your  mind and moving into imagery and visualization in combination with your everyday life and physical therapy is going to take your recovery to the next level. If you’re ready to take a new approach toward your recovery then we need to talk.

Take your life back today and let’s get started in discovering yourself again!

30-minute Q&A Sessions 


  We get so many emails and messages asking for guidance and support around Brisa's miraculous recovery. Book your Q&A session today and bring the family. This is a live Zoom. 

(Priced at $97 per session)  

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