What exactly is a Pinky Move®

The definition of a Pinky Move is; A micro move in the direction of your goals, ultimately leading to Massive Success! 
Why is it called a Pinky Move?
In 2014, I was given a less than 1% chance to survive after I suffered a severe  Brain Stem Stroke. Doctors shortly discovered that I also developed "Locked-In Syndrome". A rare disorder of the nervous system that completely paralyzes but remain conscious and coherent. 
This did not turn out to be a bad dream, this was my hard reality. My frustration lead to a strong desire  to communicate with my family and the external world. 
While I was locked in my body, I decided to shift my thoughts and started celebrating my complete healing and my beautiful future. Although the odds, probabilities, and my physical state never changed, my mindset did. That was what started it all. 
 I lived inside of a victorious state even though there was no physical proof of change to my body.... Then finally, my efforts were noticed! It was a tiny movement, the flicker of my pinky. 
This began a chain of events during my recovery. Over the next few years I learned to duplicate what I originally did to break out of my Locked in state. “Pinky Moves”
I am proud that I now get to share my Pinky Moves® with people all over the world so that they too can break free from their confining circumstances.  
Don't just wish for a change to your diagnoses, make the change for your recovery. 
You Are Limitless!
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